Pensioner Tracing

There are a number of reasons why trustees and pension managers may lose contact with a retired pension member, sometimes they have moved house, some will have passed away, some may have lost capacity, but whatever the reason maintaining good records is a critical criteria in running any pension scheme.  The Pension Regulator states that ‘there is a significant body of law which requires good records to be kept and which applies variously to trustees, managers and providers of pension schemes. Legal obligations to keep records about members and their benefits arise from many sources, including trust law, primary and secondary legislation, tort, contract law and European law.’  HCB Group can help you identify and find those members that for various reasons you simply cannot find and contact.

Employee Health Management

We are one of the pioneers of Early Intervention services in the UK & Ireland and fully understand that managing the health and wellbeing of your workforce is vital to the profitability of your business, as losing any employee for a protracted period can be damaging but losing a key employee could be catastrophic.  That’s where our Employee Health Management support can be invaluable to you.  We provide you with the knowledge and hands on practical expertise to ensure that when an employee has any health issues we are there to support both you and your employee from day one.  Because the biggest investment that any business makes is your people.

Intermediary Support

HCB Group can provide Employee Benefit Consultants, Wealth Managers, Financial Advisers, Accountants and other professional services providers with an  outsourced health management service.  If you are placing insured or self-insured programmes you will know that in managing those programmes for your clients it is vital that you understand the health risks presented by their workforce.  Active risk management together with early intervention support and case management can deliver lower premiums,  and will help you to tailor the benefits for Income Protection, Medical Insurance, Cash Plans, Critical Illness and even Pension Schemes.

Claims Management for Insurers

HCB Group understands that insurers are measured by two key factors, premium and claims handling.  It could be said that claims are the only “product” an insurance organisation has, and brand, reputation and profitability all rely heavily on the accuracy of the claims decision, and the customers experience.  We are experts at assessing disability risk, (short or long term benefits), and also at engaging with customers from claim outset, gathering current and relative information, quickly, and delivering interventions designed to return claimants and members to work in optimum timescales.  Our technical team can also provide temporary claims assessors (short or longer term), and assist with independent claim audits, process review, best practise guidance, and TPA services.


Ill Health Early Retirement Assessments

Pension trustees, administrators and their advisers are skilled and knowledgeable about running and maintaining your pension scheme, but do you have the knowledge to accurately and fairly manage ill-health early retirement applications?  HCB Group has the skills and training required to assess those applications as well as allowing us to reassess those pensions that have already been granted. Our claims assessment team are Triple A rated by reinsurers and insurers.

USA & Canada

HCB has a strategic relationship with Professional Disability Associates (PDA) who are based in Portland, Maine USA.  This allows us to offer our clients support in North America (USA & Canada), and also offers support to PDA’s clients in the UK & Ireland


“Professional Disability Associates is an innovative consulting company and an industry leader in providing specialty risk resources including medical and vocational consulting services to major disability insurers and self insured employers.”

Claim Enquiry & Investigation

This is where we started with James Harris Investigations (JHI).  Since 1984 JHI has specialised in providing confidential, ethical and professional Claim Enquiry and Investigation Services and is continued to be used by a significant number of leading insurers making JHI a leading provider of investigation services to the insurance industry.