About us

About us

HCB Group can trace its origins back to 1984, when our Chairman and CEO Jim Harris, founded a specialist claims service provider.  In the interim, we have expanded our service offerings, in response to market and client led demand.

In 2013, HCB Group entered a strategic equity relationship with Professional Disability Associates (PDA), based in Portland, Maine USA.

Over three decades, HCB Group have provided consistently professional services, taking care to protect the reputation and brand of its many clients, never attracting regulatory or other sanctions, whilst delivering a proven return on their investment spend.

The HCB Group members are:

  • Health Claims Bureau Limited
  • Health Claims Bureau (Ireland) Limited
  • James Harris Investigations Limited
  • Absence Matters Limited

HCB Group staff

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HCB’s timeline

James Harris Investigations


This is where our journey starts.  Jim Harris started with James Harris Investigations (JHI) , which in 2009 celebrated its 25th anniversary and is still going strong today

HCB Group


9 years after the founding of JHI and at the invitation of a leading re-insurer Health Claims Bureau (HCB) was formed and Jim became its Chief Executive.  HCB was built on the foundations of JHI, enabling us not only to investigate claims and trace policyholders/pension members, but also to case manage:

  • Claims
  • Ill health early retirement
  • Long-term absences

Absence Matters


HCB prides itself in listening to our clients, a topic raised by many employer clients was how to effectively record, assess and manage short and long-term absence.  We realised that whilst we had the solution it wasn’t a unified proposition, so we created Absence Matters a unique independent nurse-led absence management service for employers



As we entered the second decade of the 21st century our client base wanted us to be able to support them not only in our home areas of the UK and Ireland but also in North America and possibly beyond.  Having worked with Professional Disability Associates Inc, (PDA) based in Portland, Maine for a number of years and finding them to have a similar ethos, HCB Group decided in 2013 to enter into a strategic equity relationship with PDA with Al Hemond and Kevin Riley of PDA joining the HCB Group Board as Directors.  This partnership not only offers both organisations the ability to support clients on both sides of the Atlantic but also to share ideas and to further enhance our client services.

Harwell Innovation Centre


HCB Group moved to Harwell Innovation Centre in July 2015.  It was a busy time at HCB with the new website launching just before the move from Didcot.

Early Intervention


Our nurse-led Early Intervention service goes from strength to strength with employers and insurers both recognising the need for day 1 support from qualified and dedicated professionals.

New identity


After almost 24 years we retired the HCB pyramid moving to a new identity as the HCB Group together with a new company logo that more accurately reflects that ours is a people business.

25th anniversary


HCB turned 25 in 2018. There are no doubts that we have had our fair share of peaks and troughs over the last 25 years, but we are still here, expanding, and adding new services to meet the needs of our rapidly growing client base.

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