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HCB Group understands that insurers are measured by two key factors, premium and claims handling.  It could be said that claims are the only product an insurance organisation has, and brand, reputation and profitability all rely heavily on the accuracy of the claims decision, and the customers experience. 

We are experts at assessing disability risk, (short or long-term benefits), and also at engaging with customers from claim outset, gathering current and relative information, quickly, and delivering interventions designed to return claimants and members to work in optimum timescales.  Our technical team can also provide temporary claims assessors (short or longer term), and assist with independent claim audits, process review, best practise guidance, and TPA services.



TPA Services

Third Party Administration

Medical Record Inspection

Relief Claims Assessors

Third party administration we undertake third party administration services for employers self administered long term disability schemes as well as acting for insurers who wish to outsource their claims services.

Medical record inspection for insurers who accept new business on a moratorium basis we have expert staff and doctors available to inspect claimants’ medical records to identify pre existing medical conditions.

Relief claims assessors we are frequently asked to provide claims assessors to help out in peak periods or in periods of unplanned staff absence when a client’s staff is under pressure. the bureau has a number of well qualified and experienced people to carry out this work.


Claims Services

Claims audit

Claims screening


Claim audits we can provide expert staff to audit your claim portfolio, or part of your claim portfolio, and provide a report on the quality of claim management. we will also make recommendations for improvement in the claim management process and provide templates for claim documentation and letters.

Claim screening service we can provide expert staff to screen your claim portfolio for claims suitable for rehabilitation, investigation or other special services.

Training we provide training in all aspects of disability claims management supported by “in house” manuals. we have developed a course specifically designed for new recruits so that they become effective members of the claims team as quickly as possible.  Several clients have used our services to provide this initial training with positive feedback.  We can provide training for small group or a large number of your staff.


Early Intervention

Short & Long-term absences

Ill-health early retirement assessment


Arrangement of early intervention investigation & treatment claim form visits often identify claimants waiting for an investigation or treatment that is rationed by the NHS or Medical services provider and for which there is a long waiting list. We can help you to arrange the test or treatment in the private sector thus reducing the waiting time and speeding up the claimant’s recovery and return to work.


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