Employee Consent – A thorny issue?

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Employee Consent and Health Information When managing the health of an employee, one of the biggest areas of possible contention is that of Consent. There can be a real issue around gaining the consent of the employee to share the contents of a report with either HR or with their Line Manager. The Nursing and […]

Health trends in Ireland – Do they affect your business?

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In 2013 the Irish Government published a 60 page document entitled Health Ireland – A Framework for Improved Health & Wellbeing. Although this report was published 4 years ago, we know that little has changed and some of the statistics are truly frightening.  In common with many developed countries there are significant challenges for society, […]

Healthcare Trusts – Not just for IPT savings

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A recent article by Kevin Gude from law firm Gowling WLG, talking about why employers have chosen to use healthcare trusts raises some interesting points.  In his article Kevin, quite rightly questions if employers have put healthcare master trusts in place in order to improve medical benefits to staff, or simply to take advantage of […]

HCB Ireland – Work related sickness

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1st issue of the HCB Ireland Newsletter published today. Did you know that Ireland loses 790,000 days a year in work-related sickness? Eoin Byrne (our Ireland Director) and Karen Gamble (Head of Client Relations) have penned an article about the hidden cost of workplace sickness in Ireland, it makes interesting reading.

HCB Newsletters

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We have a new section on our website containing all our newsletters, information booklets, links to websites that offer more in depth information, plus our latest job vacancies and all accessible from our Resources page. You don’t have to be a HCB Group customer or member of staff to access, so click on the link […]

Will Brexit affect the health and wellbeing of the UK workforce?

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Well, everyone else is going to put out their take on what the Brexit vote means so we at HCB thought we would add some thoughts of our own. You can catch up in the mainstream media and online about what Brexit will mean for politics, the economy and currency.  What we at Health Claims […]

Cancer – Early intervention and why it works

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Cancer is one of those words that causes nearly everyone to look up from what they are doing and listen.  Its such an emotive word especially as we think it’s always going to be in conjunction with bad news. Let’s put the ‘dread’ aside for a moment, look at what cancer is and, more importantly […]

Zika virus – are you aware?

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There has been a lot of discussion, hype and panic about the potential impact of the Zika virus. We at HCB Group haven’t seen a single case, but our nurses are prepared. There are still many unknowns such as the exact incubation period and if it can be transmitted other than by a mosquito bite. […]

Procurement – Pulling the plug on new ideas?

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Does procurement kill enterprise? I really must stop travelling by train on my own, as it gives me time to think and yes, sometimes even fume.  My latest, and I will let you decide if it’s a rant or a reasoned argument is how procurement or to be more precise the process of procurement appears […]

Pension Scheme – at the heart of BHS woes

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An article on the BBC News website about the BHS pension scheme “Pension scheme at heart of BHS woes” states amongst other things that only 851 of the current 11,000 BHS employees are members of the Pension Scheme. There are, apparently, 12,837 ex-employees below the age of 60 (BHS scheme retirement age) and 6,774 members […]